Tips for Tree Care From a Service for Tree Trimming in Los Angeles

Taking care of your trees shouldn’t be too hard. That said, they are part of your yard, and just like you make sure your grass is green and your flowers are blooming, trees need some attention too. While there are a few things you will need professionals to take care of, the pros here at Your Way Tree Trimming in Los Angeles could give you a few tips on tree care.

Water and Fertilize Your Tree

Just like any other plant, a tree needs to be fertilized and water appropriately in order for it to grow healthy and strong. This doesn’t mean that you need to water your tree every day. After all, trees survive on stored water for long periods of time. However, if you already water your yard, you should water your trees if, for example, it hasn’t rained in several weeks. It is recommended to give young, newer trees somewhere between four and ten gallons of water during their first few growing seasons. Mature trees require less water, and will usually require around an inch of water per week. A slow-release fertilizer applied around the tree will also help provide the nutrients it needs in order to grow.
Tree Trimming in Los Angeles

Prune Your Tree

In order to improve and control your tree’s structure, pruning is a very important part of tree care. This process removed any deadwood that might be stunting and holding back its growth. It is recommended to do major pruning during the winter when the tree is dormant and doesn’t have any leaves. Meanwhile, during the summer, you should focus on minor pruning. That means tidying it up and clearing out smaller twigs that are either damaged or dead. This helps the tree grow healthily and undeterred. If you don’t really know how to prune a tree yourself, it’s always a good idea to contact a service that does. Services for tree trimming tend to have expert pruners in their ranks that can make sure your tree is healthy.

Book Checkups for Your Trees

Trees aren’t houseplants. They are constantly exposed to outside elements and require a lot of different components and nutrients in order to live and grow in a healthy, pretty way. This means that if you wish to maintain your trees in such a way, it’s good to have experts check on them every once in a while. These check-ups will not only include the necessary pruning, but also the tree trimming that will keep your trees looking good. Don’t worry. You don’t have to do this every month. While trimming and pruning is recommended periodically, a check-up can take place annually and your trees should be fine.

Tree Trimming in Los Angeles

Unlike other aspects of gardening and landscaping, tree trimming is not necessarily something that you should handle all by yourself. It is, involves, after all, relatively higher stakes than your regular lawn-mowing and bush clipping duties. Once you start having to deal with heights, ladders, climbing, specialty shears, pruning, and the like, it might be better to call the experts in order to have them handle this. You can reach us by calling us at (877) 294-8994. Allow us to take care of your trees for you!