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Tree Services in Los Angeles Recommend Drought-Resistant Trees

In Los Angeles, we are constantly facing droughts, which means that it’s important to save water. While to some people this might seem like a good excuse not to decorate yards with trees, there is an easy solution for this problem. There are plenty of drought-resistant trees out there that can help implement bold design choices into your open spaces without having the risk of the trees not surviving the dry seasons. Our tree services in Los Angeles recommends the following drought-resistant trees.

Eastern Redcedar

If you’ve ever spent time in the eastern United States, you probably recognize the smell of the eastern redcedar. Like its name kind of implies, smells like cedar chests and crushed fruit, and, because of its resistance to heat and drought, it is a common sight in many urban environments. These are also very good choices for breaking winds and generating significant shade in order to keep a home cool.

Tree Services in Los Angeles

Live Oak

Live oaks can commonly be seen all across the American south. Their strong trunks resist all sorts of strong winds and are beautiful to look at, and their mighty canopy spread casts wide shades for you to keep yourself cool during the summer months. Additionally, these trees are known to live up to hundreds of years, giving them unmatched durability.


It may not be that well known in the general public, but experts know that the hackberry tree is remarkable thanks to its endurance in the face of drought, air pollution, low temperatures, strong winds, and poor rainfall. They are a great choice when it comes to casting plenty of shade to cool down environments and saving irrigation water through a low intake.

London Planetree

Commonly seen along urban and suburban sidewalks, London Planetrees can thrive in environments with high levels of air pollution and low levels of rainfall. In larger sites, such as huge yards where these trees can grow undeterred, they can enrich the view significantly. Due to their unique structure, they are beautiful to look at in both hot and cold seasons.

Northern Catalpa

Known for their large heart-shaped leaves, their beautiful white flowers, and their dangling seed pods, the northern catalpa is a gorgeous and unique addition to any landscape. While their visual appeal comes at a cost, and that is the effort its upkeep demands, it is still a highly rewarding sight and an asset to yards everywhere.

Shumard Oak

These are very popular choices for yards given their colorful leaves and their strong trunks. They have been known to grow successfully in areas with poor drainage, dry seasons, and air pollution, so they are perfect for the Los Angeles area, and a favorite of Commercial Tree Trimming in Beverly Hills.

Tree Services in Los Angeles

Just because these trees are drought-resistant, that doesn’t mean that they will never require care. They are, after all, going to need some trimming every now and then, as well as pruning in certain cases. For these tree services and more, you can always count on Your Way Tree Services to get the job done in no time! Simply call us at (818) 888-9248  and we’ll help you out with whatever it is you need!