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Your local Tree Service in Calabasas Explains CODIT Tree Pruning

There are lots of great reasons to have trees in your yard – oxygen, shade, beauty, and increased property value. However, trees need regular care to look their best and to keep them healthy. Without this, they may even die or fall, causing additional damage to your home and property. Pruning, specifically CODIT techniques are one of the best ways to care for your trees. If you’re looking for the best tree service in Calabasas to get the job done, you’re in the right place. Keep reading for more information. 

What is CODIT Pruning and Why Should it Be Done by a Tree Service in Calabasas?

CODIT pruning, or Compartmentalization of Decay in Trees, is a pruning method that removes branches that are negatively impacting the tree. This allows for removal of decayed portions of the tree, which preserves the structure of the tree and keeps it healthy and strong at the same time. It’s done using the following techniques:

  • Removing one stem to determine which might be dependent on others.
  • Taking care of lateral growth in the crown to prevent tangles. 
  • Removing entangled branches to free those around it. 
  • Take out water sprouts to encourage proper hydration. 
  • Getting rid of suckers to preserve nutrient absorption for the tree.
  • Thin the canopy so more light can get through to optimize photosynthesis. 
  • Remove dead and dying portions of the tree to stimulate new growth elsewhere. 

Common Problems Addressed by CODIT Pruning

It’s good to know what CODIT pruning is, but it’s also helpful to know what issues it can address. That way you know whether you should call in the pros or if you can take care of it yourself. In general, it’s always best to let the experts handle tree pruning, for safety and tree preservation reasons. Here’s what CODIT pruning can do for your tree:

  • Take care of two stems that are in competition for dominance. 
  • Address branches that are growing around each other. 
  • Remove water sprouts to preserve resources. 
  • Pull out suckers that can use needed nutrients. 
  • Remove interior branches to optimize light flow. 
  • Care for bark inclusion, which happens when two branches start growing into each other. 

Why Hire a Professional

As mentioned above, it’s not safe to prune your own trees unless you know what you’re doing. A professional arborist can detect issues and get to work removing only the portions of the tree that need to be cut off. Our tree professionals are also trained to detect health and safety issues presented by your tree and can give you information about how to take care of the problem before it gets worse. Sticking with a pruning schedule offers plenty of advantages, including healthy, strong trees, reduced risk of fire, preventing interference with power lines and protecting your home and property. ]

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