Pruning Mistakes

Pruning Mistakes to Avoid

Pruning is a necessary tree maintenance procedure that everyone should consider in order to facilitate the safety and health being of your tress. Pruning can greatly improve the health of your tree by eradicating dead and weak branches. It also helps to improve the branch structure and reduce risks such as tree failure, falling limbs…

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Is Trees Nature’s Air Conditioner for Home?

Are you planning to install air conditioners in your compound? If yes then you do not have to buy expensive artificial air conditioners. Trees are the cheapest and the only nature air conditioners. You might be wandering what I mean by saying that trees are air conditioners. What I mean is that those trees that…

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Tree Trimming During Prolonged California Drought

Drought is a prolonged period of dryness that causes damage to the vegetations and prevents them from growing successfully.  If you have been in California I guess you have ever experienced or have ever heard of the prolonged drought that destroyed many trees there. Trees have been the major victims of prolonged drought in California….

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