Did you just receive a notice of non-compliance from the Fire Department about your home/business property?

Call your Your Way Tree Service today and our knowledgeable staff will help you deal with this type of notice.

One of the requirements of Fire Department for every owner of a property is brush clearing.

It may be an additional task to you but brush clearing is necessary to keep your land healthier.

Not only that. It also prevents wildfire.

With the impending fines that are now in effect, preparing your land to satisfy the requirements of the states is more important than ever.

Awarded as the Best Tree Cutting Service in the City of Tarzana in 2012, Your Way Tree Service offers effective, high-quality brush removal services.

Our crew is fast and efficient when it comes to removing brush. We’ve all the necessary equipment and machines to cut, remove and clear brush.

It doesn’t matter what type of land you have. Our team can handle and reduce the threat of wildfires in the city and the surrounding areas.

We’ve highly effective crew who’s qualified and trained to address every aspect of fire reduction and prevention.

Summer Fires

They are a large threat in the state because of hot and dry summers.

To prevent them from happening, the State Fire Department requires every property owner to address wildfire problems within the cooler months.

Through Your Way Tree Services, you’ll find your overgrown property be transformed into a clear land in as little as one day.

Because we can easily clear your property from overgrown brush, your property will become more usable again.

You can also eliminate the risk of it being used as the habitat for ticks, snakes and other pests.

We only utilize brush clearing equipment that can effectively remove brush with minimal disturbance to the soil, trees and vegetation.

With Two Decades of Experience

For more than 20 years, Your Way Tree Service has been the go-to company when residents of the Greater Los Angeles Area need to clear and remove brush.

We have our own worker’s compensations insurance. This means that if one of our employees or yours is involved in an accident while clearing the brush in your property, you won’t be held accountable.

Our insurance will also protect you and our company from the threat of lawsuits involving injury and property damage.

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