Pruning Mistakes

Pruning Mistakes to Avoid

Pruning is a necessary tree maintenance procedure that everyone should consider in order to facilitate the safety and health being of your tress. Pruning can greatly improve the health of your tree by eradicating dead and weak branches. It also helps to improve the branch structure and reduce risks such as tree failure, falling limbs and low hanging branches. For trees that produce fruits, it’s necessary to prune so as to facilitate improvement of the size, quality and quantity of the fruits.

Pruning requires well equipped equipments that can do the job skillfully and successfully. Pruning tress without the proper skills can cause a lot of damage to the tree and other properties around your garden. Hence you should consider hiring a professional tree service company to carry out the job  so as to avoid making any  costly mistakes At Your way tree service Inc, we  provide  quality pruning services .Using our well equipped and well trained employees you can be sure of that we will provide the best services.

It is therefore necessary you avoid the following mistakes while planning

  • Pruning on a bad weather. Working on your tree while it is rainy or cloudy can cause serious injuries. Rain may cause some parts of the tree to break which might end up falling on you.
  • Using old and over used tools which are dull .This makes the process longer and more tiresome while pruning .It may also cause destruction of some parts of the tree.
  • Over pruning. This results when you prune over 25% of the trees leafs and branches especially when dealing with old trees. This is because older trees take longer time to heal than young and growing trees.
  • Not clearing the areas before starting the process. The most common and dangerous cause of injury while punning is lack of clearing the area you want to carry out your job. The falling branches may fall on your property which will hence cause serious losses.
  • Flush cutting. This is a mistake that is caused by cutting a branch flush against the main branch to trunk .This can cause several problems .Flush cutting can result to pests and fungus growth on the tree, uneven barks and diseases
  • Ignoring safety measures while cutting trees. Tree specialist suggests that one should never trim a tree on a ladder. They recommend that you trim your tree with your feet on the ground .Otherwise you should consider hiring a tree expert to get the job done in the right and professional way.
  •  Over lifting. This happens when all the lower branches of the tree are removed, making the upper part of the tree heavier and more at risk of branch failure.

At Your way tree service Inc, you are guaranteed to get the best pruning services. We also have   highly trained and qualified employees with tree service experience, we also give primary attention to the safety of your property, and use well equipped equipments. .Do not hesitate to contact us via our email address or visit our company while in need of work done so for any enquiries.