When You Need A Tree Removal Service In Van Nuys

The question of tree removal has become increasingly important after the terrible brush fires in the last few months. The regulations regarding how to keep your land secure are very clear, including the requirement for fast and permanent tree removal Service in Van Nuys for any trees or bushes which pose a potential risk. The problem is that most trees can easily become tinder for a fire if they meet certain conditions, and once a fire takes hold, it is extremely difficult to stop it from latching onto the next tree, and the next. Soon, you have a serious fire which is running out of control. In order to protect yourself, and be compliant with the laws, you have to make sure that any dangerous trees are removed.

How Do I Prevent Tinder Trees?

There are several things that you can do to stop tress from becoming kindling in an uncontrollable blaze. Firstly, homeowners should take the time to clear away any debris from the base of the tree. This includes leaf litter, twigs and bark, all of which can become tinder with just a stray spark. Tress which are diseased and have loose bark can also become a source of fire, particularly in very dry months. If the tree cannot be treated for its disease, remove it. You may also have to thin out your trees by removing ones which are too close together. A gap of around 10 feet is recommended to prevent fire from leaping from one tree to the next. Have your tree trimmers prune upwards and outwards to create lots of space that will prevent fire from travelling.


Take Professional Advice

We always recommend that you take the advice of professionals, who have the knowledge and training to help you prevent wildfires in your area. By clearing your space of fire risk, you can actually create a fire stop, where flames cannot travel. This creates a useful oasis and may prevent fire from spreading more rapidly. Not only will you be protecting your home by clearing the land around it, but you could slow down a catastrophic fire that would have affected your whole neighborhood. With careful management of your own area, you can also set an example for homeowners in your street and work together to protect your property from the threat of fire.

Consult with Your Way Tree Service

You need to know if there are any trees on your property which require assistance in order to prevent fire from traveling. We are the experts in tree removal in Van Nuys and can offer you a lot of hints and tips about how to keep your garden fresh and free of tinder. To find out more about how our services could help you to protect your property when the area is very dry, you need to speak to our customer service team. Call us for a free estimate at (818) 882-2335, or send a message to our staff today.