When it’s Time to Say a Sad Farewell to a Beloved Tree

Trees are one of the greatest wonders of creation. They sustain life for many wildlife species and act as the earth’s lungs, breathing in carbon dioxide and exhaling the oxygen humans need to live.

Not for nothing is the tree a common symbol of life. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, trees have a calming influence on people. There’s nothing that comes close to the feeling of satisfaction one feels when sitting under your favorite tree.

Sadly, there are times when trees need to be felled and removed. Diseased trees pose a risk of toppling, and so it’s best to have them removed for everyone’s safety if they cannot be saved. There are also times when the roots of a tree are damaging underground water or gas lines. When the roots cannot be cut away from the pipe while saving the tree’s structure, the tree will have to be removed.

Undertaking tree removal safely

Tree removal should not be undertaken lightly. It should be the last alternative to consider. However, should it happen that there is no choice other than to remove the tree, apply your focus to safety.

    1. Do not assume that tree removal is as simple as getting out an ax and chopping the tree down at the trunk. This is a dangerous approach. Unless you’re an expert, there’s no telling where the tree will land once it’s cut down. You only need to go as far as YouTube to see some epic fails in tree felling.
  1. Plan the tree removal. Start by removing all the branches you can. Then cut the trunk down in sections. Should you use equipment such as a chainsaw, make sure you are wearing the necessary safety gear.
  2. Once the tree trunk has been cut down, the roots still need to be removed. This requires considerable effort and patience. Not digging deep enough could result in a partial root extraction. The remaining roots will start the growth of another tree. To make sure the tree removal is permanent, all the roots must be dug up and destroyed. To save yourself a great deal of physical exertion, use a stump grinder to remove the tree stump. Go to your local nursery to find out where you can hire one.

When it’s Time to Say a Sad Farewell to a Beloved Tree

What to do with all that wood

If you hire a woodchipper, you can reduce the trunk of a tree into woodchips to scatter across your garden beds. Woodchips help the soil to retain its moisture, thereby stimulating the growth of plants, shrubs, and other trees.

How to make sure your tree is safely removed

If you’re not an experienced tree feller, there are so many things that can go wrong if you decide to fell a tree. Why not consult the experts? Our services include residential tree removal in Los Angeles. We also do stump grinding in Los Angeles. Palm trees are tricky to remove. We offer competitive prices for palm tree removal in Los Angeles. Give us a call on (818)888-9248and let us take care of the rest.