Palm Tree Removal: Good for the Trees, Good for You

There are some things that just seem like they go together. America: apple pie. Canada: snow. Southern California: palm trees. Palm trees have been a part of the SoCal landscape and experience for what feels like as long as anyone can remember. But, and most people don’t realize this, the California Fan Palm is the only kind of palm tree that’s actually native to SoCal. The rest are imports. That may not sound like a big deal, but if a tree, any kind of tree really, is planted outside of its natural habitat, maintenance will be crucial. That’s where we come in. We can provide maintenance and even best palm tree removal if necessary. 

A Water Tree in the Desert 

We’ve all seen palm trees in the area for so long that we tend to think of them as something that’s naturally part of the desert landscape. The opposite, however, is true. Roughly around 1942, the Los Angeles DWP was able to create true engineering accomplishments which made the trees a common part of SoCal. The truth is that these trees need a lot of water to be in their best health. When they’re healthy, they’ll look great – but they need more water than most people realize. Our annual skimming or trimming service can do a complete health check: ensuring that they get the right amount of water as well as other services. 

best palm tree removal

Palm Tree Skimming 

When the fronds on your palm tree die, that rarely means that the palm tree has to be removed. Instead, it usually means that the dead fronds have to be removed. This process is more commonly called skimming. It’s normal to think something like “well, the dead fronds don’t look horrible, so I don’t really have to get them removed, do I?” The truth is that even if your fronds are dead, they can attract life such as yellow jackets, mites, and worse. Another problem with these dead fronds is that they’re especially dry. That means that they can be a true fire hazard. By getting your fronds skimmed, you’re creating a healthier, safer environment for your trees as well as anyone who comes into contact with them. 

Palm Tree Removal, If Necessary 

Sometimes, your palm trees (or other kinds of trees) do need to be removed. When that’s the case, our trained professionals can be there to get it done. Backed by about two decades of experience, we know how to make your trees look how you want (even if “how you want” means “removed from where they are right now.”) Removing your palm tree’s fronds and similar procedures may seem like the kind of thing that you can do yourself, but that can lead to a whole host of other problems. That can be unsafe, to say nothing of leading to an inferior, unsatisfactory aesthetic. If there’s something you’d like done with your palm trees or any other kind of tree, you can message us through our site or call (818) 888-9248.