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Working with an Arborist in Santa Monica

When you need tree work done, it can cause a bit of logistical headache. Usually, when you are shopping for a tree service in your area, it is because a recent storm or weather event has taken down trees in your yard. Aside from being unpleasant to look at, this can also pose a safety risk, especially if a tree or trees have become entangled with power lines. Not to mention, there is also sizable potential for structural damage when a tree falls onto your home. While this is not an ideal situation to find yourself in, working with an arborist in Santa Monica can put your mind at ease a bit. Any reputable tree service will work with certified arborists in order to thoroughly assess the work that needs to be done on your property. If you are shopping around for a tree service, you want to make sure they have a solid track record and a staff that understands the different types of trees in your geographic area. The more informed you are on what a tree service or arborist does, the better prepared you will be to contract a tree removal service.

Of course, tree removal is not always due to an urgent, emergency-type situation. There are cases where removing a tree is more of a cosmetic or landscaping decision. There are also times when a tree is currently intact, but is in such a state of disease that it has the potential to fall on its own. In these scenarios, when a tree needs to be felled, it is crucial that you work with a professional arborist or tree service. The reason for this is that taking down a tree on your own is rarely advisable. It is very difficult to dictate where a tree will fall once it has been cut, and it typically takes a team of workers to successfully guide a falling tree into an unobstructed area. Then, you need to further disassemble the tree and remove it. While that part isn’t quite as dangerous, it’s still a lot of work, and as such, it’s better left to the pros.

What Does an Arborist in Santa Monica Do?

While you have probably heard the word arborist before, and you may know that it is tangentially related to trees, you may not know exactly what they do. In short, an arborist studies the planting, growing, and maintenance of trees and shrubbery. They also understand how to diagnose the various ailments that can overcome trees. You can think of an arborist as a sort of doctor for trees. The reason a tree service would work with an arborist is that they can advise on the current state of a tree as well as how to best trim it or care for it. 

arborist santa monica

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