Will Tree Removal in Sherman Oaks Help with Tar Spot?

Tar spot is a common tree disease. But don’t worry as our tree removal Sherman Oaks service can help. At Your Way Tree Service, we have trained professionals who will inspect your property’s trees and treat those tar spots. 

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Make Your Trees Healthy 

One of the most vulnerable types of trees affected by tar spot is maple. If you have it in your property, consider paying attention to its health. 

Tar spot is a fungal disease that can cause dark black lesions to appear on the maple leaves or other tree leaves. As a result, the leaves fall prematurely. It gets worse in the summer and spring when there is a lot of humidity. 

But tar spots will not cause any long-term damage. Unfortunately, the spots are unattractive. Since they can appear during fall, you cannot see the maple trees’ beautiful foliage display. 

How to Alleviate this Tree Disease 

As a tree owner, one of the things that you can do to prevent tar spot is to clean all fallen leaves. Then, make sure to burn them to stop the disease from spreading to other healthy trees. 

Leaving those infected fallen leaves can produce tar spot spores. These spores can contaminate the tree. 

You should also eliminate extra moisture by eliminating any standing water. 

Can I Use Fungicides

It is possible to use a fungicide. It will control the tar spot. However, make sure that you know how to apply it. If you apply it incorrectly, it could affect the growth of the tree. 

You may stop applying it when the tree is strong enough to defend itself. 

Take Care of Your Trees 

Tar spots and other tree diseases can affect your landscape. When you work with professional arborists, like Your Way Tree Service, your trees will enjoy having beautiful healthy leaves. 

Our tree professionals will eliminate any diseased branches or leaves during tree trimming. As mentioned earlier, eradicating those diseased leaves are vital to prevent the disease from spreading. 

We also reduce potential damage to your pools, power lines, and garage. Trees can be beneficial but they can also cause damage if they are not maintained properly. You must trim your trees regularly to prevent those potential damages. 

Make Your Landscape Beautiful 

A healthy tree is perfectly trimmed. The green and neat feature will beautify your landscape view. Furthermore, trimming can remove the extra shade that can interfere with the healthy growth of plants, flowers, and shrubs. And if the tree is already dying, you would need a tree removal Sherman Oaks service. 

Have a Safe Home 

Not trimming your trees regularly and correctly can cause accidents. And some of these accidents can result in unwanted, expensive hospital visits. 

Our tree trimming and removal service will help cut cracked branches. It will prevent other people from getting hurt when they are using your property. 

When you hire Your Way Tree Service to take care of your trees in your property, we can guarantee that your trees will be in good health all the time. We offer not just tree removal in Sherman Oaks but we also provide tree trimming and stump grinding. For more information or to get a free consultation, call us at (818) 888-9248