Why Hire Your Way Tree Service for Standard Maintenance?

You might wonder why some trees live longer and some don’t. You might also ask why some plants have pleasing appearance while others don’t. Your neighbors have beautiful lawn and you don’t.

Standard Maintenance

One of the most important steps to achieve those is standard maintenance. Tree trimming, pruning and other tree and plant care steps encourage air circulation. With that in mind, maintaining the trees by pruning and trimming reduces disease incidence. It also reduces the possibility of them causing damage to your property because of high winds.

The Standard Maintenance of Your Way Tree Service is like grooming your property. It keeps your tree healthy and prevents it developing diseases. But tree trimming, pruning and grooming should only be done by experts who know what they’re doing. This is where Your Way Tree Service comes into play. Our highly trained professionals have the know-how in dealing with shrubs, trees, ivy, brush and other plants that grow in your property.

The standard maintenance service of our company removes weak branches of any tree. These branches are susceptible to catch perilous germs, like bugs and other microscopic parasites. But maintaining your lawn or property is not just science. Rather it’s an art form. The science part of standard maintenance involves recognizing the flaws of the plants and skillfully minimizing their defects. While the artistic aspect of it includes not just the removal of dead wood but shaping the tree branches in the most aesthetic way possible. Proper maintenance of your land doesn’t only improve its value but it also improves the health of your trees and plants.

Essentially, standard maintenance service of Your Way Tree Service is offered for three reasons:

  • Safety
  • Health
  • Aesthetics

What Makes Us Different?

Our integrity, experience, capability, experience and commitments are what separate us from others. We’re dedicated to earn certification and accreditation. We strive to deliver exceptional client service making us the recipient of the Best Tree Cutting Service in 2012 by the city of Tarzana.

When to Perform Standard Maintenance?

We prune trees or remove shrubs or brush throughout the year. But we recommend getting it done in the late fall and winter. During these times, the branch structure of a tree or a plant is visible. There’s also less concern for any type of pathogens to spread. As an expert in standard maintenance, our highly trained professionals don’t remove more than 10 percent of the tree branches. To hire us to perform standard maintenance to your property, please give us a call for consultation at: 818-882-2335.