Tree Removal in Northridge for Proper Tree Maintenance

Tree removal Northridge services are vital to prevent trees from becoming a nuisance. Although trees are beautiful and beneficial to homeowners, sometimes, they are just too much to handle.

Tree removal Northridge

A Nuisance Rather Than Beneficial 

One of the situations where a tree becomes a nuisance is when the tree’s roots are growing over your neighbor’s property. If your neighbor destroys the invasive roots, he has the legal right to do it.

To prevent that from happening, you, as the tree owner, must be proactive and maintain your tree’s branches and roots. 

At Your Way Tree Service, we perform regular inspection and recommend only the services that your tree needs. And these services include preventing your trees’ roots from growing over your neighbor’s property. 

In some cases, the tree must be removed because it has become a liability. It is the only way to prevent injuring someone. It must be removed immediately if it has the potential to damage property.

Your homeowner’s association may also recommend removing the trees from your property if they affect the overall appeal in your community. It is especially true if you have planted many trees in the wrong places. By removing some of them, it can enhance the overall look of the place. 

Why Call a Professional Tree Removal in Northridge 

Professional tree removal service can avoid any issues related to tree trimming and removing. It also prevents cutting down a tree. It is a better alternative for individuals who do not like killing trees that grew in the wrong place. 

At Your Way Tree Service, we know how to remove trees according to the restrictions of your HOA. We cut it down if some parts of the tree are splitting or cracking. Our pros will also recommend removing it if it is significantly old or infested by insects. 

We offer full complete tree removal service. Our safety is our main concern. Never remove any tree on your own. This task requires special equipment that must only be handled by a trained professional. 

However, if you choose to hire another professional or remove the tree yourself, it is still ideal that you consult with our professionals to avoid any catastrophe to happen in your property. 

Apart from tree removal, we also offer tree stump removal service. Some homeowners would opt to leave the stump after their trees have been removed. But we do not recommend it. 

Stumps can negatively affect the overall appeal of your property. It also leaves some issues, like smelling root rot. It also attracts insects. 

It is also a serious hazard. That’s why we highly suggest a complete stump removal after removing a tree. 

At Your Way Tree Service, Inc, we offer several services that can handle any tree-related issues in your residential or commercial property. We are a 5-star rated tree professional service. 

All work is performed by our trained professionals. And it is covered by up to $2M liability insurance and $1M on workers compensation insurance. 

For a free consultation to our tree removal Northridge service, please call us at (818) 888-9248