Spraying or Injecting to Control Infestation and Disease Problems by Your Way Tree Service

Humans need to stay healthy. We protect ourselves from diseases by taking in vitamins and minerals as maintenance. We also undergo vaccination.

What about your trees? Just like humans, trees, too, are at high risk of developing health problems, like insect infestation, fungal infection and various diseases.

They have defense mechanism that can protect against occasional attacks. However, repeated occurrence can eventually weaken their resistance. As a result, your trees will get damaged.

That said, it’s important for property owners to perform regular maintenance. Spraying or injecting to control infestation and disease problems is often recommended.

Spraying or Injecting to Control Infestation and Disease Problems Service

Your Way Tree Service offers this type of service to prevent trees and plants from harmful diseases. Both spraying and injecting are cost-efficient. They also require less insecticide.

One of the main advantages of these procedures is that they’re not dependent on the weather. Their protective effects can also last longer.

Another advantage is that we don’t necessarily drill. Drilling can cause more harm because it creates wounds and cuts that may attract fungi, bacteria and insects.

And such scenario can be prevented with the use of a treatment that doesn’t require drilling, thereby, reducing the risk significantly.

Spraying or injecting procedure can also prevent air from entering into the plants or trees. Air entering the inside system of the plant can inhibit flow of nutrients.

Before we perform this procedure, we’ll make comprehensive home inspection first at your most convenient time.

It’s only after the inspection that we recommend which treatment procedure is necessary for your property.

Spraying or injecting is carried out by our highly-qualified and expertly trained professionals. They have decades of experience in this area so they know what can and can’t be done.

Treatment will begin immediately. We check your property during our follow-up visit. This is to make sure that your property receives continued protection against diseases or pest infestation.

We offer satisfaction guaranteed. Thus, if you see pest infestation or disease after we treat it, please give us a call. We’ll come back and re-treat it. Our main goal is to give our clients complete satisfaction. We’re not done until you’re satisfied.

Pests and disease problems can occur no matter how you maintain your property. They can create health hazards not just to the trees but also to the land owners.

Your Way Tree Service knows how to prevent and eliminate those problems. Give us a call at: 818-882-2335.