Remove Unwanted Stumps With Our Onsite Tub Grinder

When you are clearing shrubs and have a number of unwanted stumps and other vegetable waste, then you may need to make use of an onsite tub grinder. Two people outside of the world of tree removal, this term may mean nothing to them, and they may not even have heard of it before today. However, the tub grinder is an extremely useful piece of equipment when you are clearing a large area of scrub ground, and have a large amount of vegetation and similar debris. At Your Way Tree Service, we can help you to locate a tub grinder suitable for your needs.

What Is A Tub Grinder?

In order to understand what you need this material for, you have to know exactly what a tub grinder is. It is not used for rubbing down the inside of baths, and is instead a large grinder that is used to clear away tree stumps, trunks and other wood debris, and vegetative waste. When you are clearing out a yard, or a large patch of ground where the debris is almost taking over the space that you clear, having a large grinder like this can mean the difference between making good progress in your attempt to tidy a space, and really struggling to combat your weed problem to any significant level. After all, when you are surrounded by waste and chopped plants, it can be very easy to despair and not know what to do next.

onsite tub grinder

How To Use The Grinder

The main principles behind the grinder focus upon its large open top, which gives the grinder its tub name. You can put a lot of different materials into the grinder, because the top is so wide. This means that it is able to handle large pieces of material, including logs, parts of tree trunks, construction material made from wood, wooden pallets, and scrub or brush. As long as the material is not too large for the grinder itself, and is vegetative matter, you can use the grinder to trim it down. It is important that you make sure to keep your hands and other body parts away from the center of the grinder, and are not tempted to push down on the open surface, as this could cause injury or harm to the machine.

Find A Grinder With Us

If you think one of these onsite tub grinder machines will be useful in your attempt to clear out shrubs or remove a lot of trees, then you should talk to Your Way Tree Services. We hire out this equipment in order to allow you to remove a lot of wood, as well as using it ourselves in our tree trimming services. Whatever type of wood treatment you require, we are happy to help you get rid of tree materials and other plant matter safely. If you would like to know how to get this grinder for your site, reach out to the team today online or call us at (818) 888-9248 now.