Palm Tree Removal: Better Look, Better Health

Palm trees are gorgeous. They’ve long been a symbol of warm climates and luxury. When people see palm trees, they think of summer, of good times and relaxation. Having a palm tree on your property can be wonderful, as they provide beauty, shade, and so much more. However, sometimes, palm trees can cause problems. Palm tree removal can be the best thing for your property as well as for the palm trees themselves. When the time for that comes, our Your Way Tree Service pros will be there to help. 


Skimming: A Kind of Palm Tree Removal 


Many don’t realize how much maintenance palm trees need. These aren’t cacti. You don’t just water them every now and then and just let them go. Palm trees require care. Part of that is called “skimming.” This is much of what our removal services does. This “skimming” may not sound like much, but it’s a critical way of making sure that your palm trees look exactly as they should. You want your palm trees to look great, and that means that they have to be at their healthiest, too. 

Palm tree removal

How Skimming Helps 


As palm trees grow, their fronds do, too. Eventually, these fronds eventually die out. When they do, unfortunately, they don’t just fall on their own. They stay stuck to the tree. This can cause a whole host of problems. For example, they make too-good sites for yellow jackets and mites to create nests. The last thing you need on your property is to have more pests like those there. Additionally, they’re a genuine fire hazard. Here in southern California, fires can be a constant threat. By getting rid of the fronds on a consistent basis, it’s one more way that you can make your place that much more protected from fire. 


A Plan for Your Palm Trees 


You plan on having your palm trees for a long time. You want them to be on your property, making everything look better for many years to come. Fronds don’t just come in one year, never to return. They come back throughout the duration of the life of your trees. So, to keep your trees in good health, you want to have a plan that makes sure to take care of these fronds year after year. That’s what we can provide. As we have plenty of years of experience in dealing with palm trees in the area, we can put together a plan that’s right for yours. 


Palm Tree Trimming, All Tree Trimming


Of course, here at Your Way, we can do so much more than just help your palm trees to be properly trimmed. We can trim the other trees on your property, too. When you want your landscape to look exactly how you want it, we can help. Our company is called “Your Way” for a reason: we listen to you. Through communication with our clients, we’re able to help them make their properties truly their own. For more info: (818) 888-9248.