More than Tree Trimming in Valley Village: Pandemic Safe

There are plenty of advantages to tree trimming. You don’t want to have to deal with tree stumps that grow roots, presenting a danger to paving, underground pipes, foundations, and so forth. Nor do you want dead trees and stumps to put your plants at risk, with fungal infections, destructive insects, and more. That’s true at any time of year and also during a pandemic. In addition to our tree trimming in Valley Village and the surrounding area, we can also help to keep you and yours safe during the pandemic too. Our deep cleaning and disinfection can help.

tree trimming in Valley Village

Deep Cleaning and Disinfection for Peace of Mind 

When you go outside and then return to your home, like all of us, you maintain social distancing, wash your hands, and so forth. But, it’s hard to avoid those questions in the back of your mind, “did I get the virus on my hands without realizing it? Did I touch something and not know?” We all have enough to worry about now – you don’t want to have to deal with an additional kind of worry. When our pros come to your home, clean and disinfect everything, you can rest assured that we’ll have killed 99.99% of harmful pathogens. 

Pandemic Safe Practices in our Tree Trimming in Valley Village 

No matter which of our services you choose during the pandemic, we make sure to perform them in the safest way possible for your family. For example, we do as much as possible online now. So, you won’t have to “run your card” physically yourself, nor will you have to give us a check, or anything like that. We can do all estimates and payments online, so you won’t have to be within six feet of one of our employees. 

Taking Social Distancing Seriously 

Social distancing works in stopping the spread of the virus, but it has to be maintained at all times. That’s true if you’re out at the grocery store, but it’s also true when our team is trimming your trees or providing some other service. So, we make sure to send out employees out in small teams, that way, they can always maintain social distancing. On top of that, they never get within six feet of you and yours, either. These measures may seem like small things, but they can make all the difference in the world to your health and those around you. 

Keeping People Safer, in Their Yards and Out 

For years, we’ve helped folks to be safer in their yards. By removing trees that have fallen down or stumps that won’t go away, we’ve made it so that people can enjoy their yards with less chance of injury. Now, with our deep cleaning and disinfection services, we can help folks to be safer in their homes or other buildings as well. At our site, you can find a complete catalog of our services. You can message us for a free estimate through our site or call (818) 888-9248