How to Lower Your Risk of Tree Damage during Storm Season?

If you have trees on your property, you should consider the possibility that they might get Tree Damage during the stormy season. With lightning strikes a distinct possibility, as well as strong winds and massive rainy downpours, there’s a risk that one or more of your trees might be damaged or even fall.
No-one wants a tree on top of their house or that of their neighbors. Even if fallen branches or an uprooted tree don’t cause a lot of damage, they’re a huge mess to clean up. So, it’s best to be prepared.

A few ways to decrease the risk to your trees

How to Lower Your Risk of Tree Damage during Storm Season?

1. Prune

Tree pruning is probably an essential step you can take to prevent your trees from getting damaged during the stormy season. Always prune in autumn or winter and make sure to trim away all dead wood.
Professional arborists are equipped with necessary tree trimming knowledge, expertise, and equipment.

2. Check for Termites

Make it a habit to periodically check all your trees for termite damage. Damage caused by termites can undermine the structure of the tree, making it more susceptible to storm damage. An arborist can advise you on what action to take to prevent damage in the future.

3. Brace it

High winds and heavy rain can cause branches, stems, and the trunk to move a lot more than usual. This makes breakage and damage far more likely.
One way of preventing tree limbs from moving too much during a storm is to use braces and cables to support weaker parts of the tree. Once again, an arborist is the right person to advise you on how to protect your trees from storm damage.

4. Protect the Roots

A stable tree is not just stable above the ground, but underground as well. A tree’s roots act as anchors to stabilize and nourish the tree through all weather conditions. The thicker the roots, the better the tree’s stability will be.
To protect the roots, mulch the soil around the base of the tree. This will ensure that nutrients and water are locked in to nourish the tree and keep weeds at bay. To retain crucial air and gas exchange, do not build the mulch too high up the trunk.
Feed the tree the necessary nutrients to ensure the tree’s health, both above the ground and beneath.

There’s no time like the present

Stormy season is never far away, so there’s no time like the present to protect your trees and your property from being damaged during a storm. We at Your Way Tree Service Inc. can advise you on what precautions should be taken to minimize your risk of tree storm damage.
Our expert arborists can assist with tree trimming, as well as a host of other tree-related expertise. If storms or disease have already damaged your trees, contact us at 1 (818) 882-2335 for help in cleaning your property and preparing your trees for the next storm season.

How to deal with disease and pests in your trees

No matter how careful we are, our trees and gardens can sometimes become infected by disease and inundated with pests. As experts in the field, our advice is to prevent problems before they occur. That means protecting your trees and keeping them healthy.