How Old andDangerous Are Your Trees

How Old and Dangerous Are Your Trees?

When buying a new home you might be happy to have your new place surrounded by mature trees. It’s takes a long time for more trees to grow, so not having to plant them yourself can be s great factor in loving you new property. As a homeowner its always nice to have mature trees that can provide great shade in the summer or beautiful colors in the fall. However, it’s always best to understand the dangers that older trees can present. Depending on where trees are located on your property you have to worry about issues such as the roots penetrating your home’s foundation through existing cracks in the concrete. You should also keep in mind that large root systems can work their way under your home’s foundation and cause an uplift. Additionally, roots have the capability of leeching water from the soils beneath your foundation which can cause your home to settle or sink.
How Old and Dangerous Are Your Trees
You may not have a tree with roots that cause problems but if your tree is too close to your home it can present a fire hazard. The soffit vents on your roof can provide a dangerously easy entrance for flames to get into your home if a tree catches fire. Naturally, you may wonder or worry about leaves and sticks that fall into your homes gutter system. Its more than just the trouble of having to clear your gutters but, if left without cleaning your clogged gutter can cause water to build up seep into your home. If your trees are older they may run the risk of falling onto your home or property, this includes weak branches that can pose a risk. A further thing to be aware of when owning a home that has trees on the property is that the roots can possibly penetrate your drainage and sewage piping. Roots can enter a pipe and obstruct the flow of water and waste materials.

You may consider tree trimming if you trees sit near to windows in your home or are close to powerlines near your property. Trees with branches extending over your roof or near to your windows could invite many different animals (squirrels, raccoons, and mice) to enter your home unwelcomed. When trees on your property are located over powerlines they could pose a risk of falling on phones lines. Heavy rains, winds, and snows can cause tress branches to fall and take down vial power lines that supply electricity and phone power to your home and surrounding neighborhood. There is also the worry of your tree having structural defects. Some trees may have hollow trunks, rotting, cracking or heavy leaning. There are plenty of reasons to be aware of where your trees stand on your property and what risks they pose. If you believe your trees should be trimmed to avoid hitting powerlines, clogged gutters you can schedule an inspection by a tree service company. You can contract Your Way Tree Service at 818-888-9248. Your Way Tree Service has 20 years of experience in surveying trees and choosing the best route for the trees on your property.