Enhance Your Garden With Our Professional Tree Service In Encino

Proud homeowners know that the garden is the jewel of their property, and they want to make sure that it always looks as good as possible. One of the main features of any garden is its trees, and healthy, vibrant trees can make a big difference in the look of a garden, providing shade in summer and preventing the worst of the winter weather from affecting smaller plants below. However, just like any other part of the garden, trees need to be well maintained in order to look their best. If you need help with your garden, then you should be looking for a professional tree service in the Encino area.

Protect Your Trees From Damage

Trees go through a lot, particularly once the summer ends and there is bad weather like storms and high winds. Trees which have been allowed to grow unhindered are particularly vulnerable when it comes to a storm, because they may have limbs which are weak or that have grown out of their true position, meaning that they can easily be torn from the trunk during a heavy storm. Trees which have not been topped may also pose a risk to overhead power lines. Cutting and trimming a tree is the best way to prevent future damage and will ensure that the tree remains healthy but without becoming too tall. The ideal should be a smaller, but stronger tree that still gives you shade but does not pose a risk.
Enhance Your Garden With Our Professional Tree Service In Encino

Taking Care Of Your Property

When you keep your tree well-maintained, you are doing more for your garden than simply letting the tree run wild. As a tree starts to outgrow itself, the ground around it can become dry and plants in that area will die off. The ground is leeched of all types of nutrients, and it may even start to encroach onto areas of lawn, or beneath the patio. When this occurs, you need to act quickly to stop the tree from harming underground professional tree service in the Encinod pipes and from damaging the foundations of your home. Lopping can solve the problem, but occasionally it may be necessary to remove the entire tree to protect your property.

Seek Our Advice About Your Trees

Whether you are worried about the condition of a tree in your garden, or just want to make sure that these plants are as well-trimmed as your lawn, you need to consult with Your Way Tree service in Encino. Our experienced teams can help you to find solutions to any issues you may have with the trees in your garden. For example, they may recommend trimming the branches of a tree which is close to the property or suggest removing branches and dry bark from the lower part of the tree to protect it against fire. Our teams are extremely knowledgeable about tree maintenance and can work with you to develop a plan for your garden. Simply call us for a free estimate at (818) 882-2335 now.