Clear Gardens with Our Tree Brush Removal Service

Do you live in a part of LA that falls under the High-Fire Hazard zone? If you do, then you will probably be obliged by the city to clear out unwanted brush and scrub every year. To make sure that you do not fall foul of the law, you need to call in expert tree brush removal service teams like those provided by Your Way Tree Services. We are here to help you get rid of unwanted scrub, brush, tree weeds and other hazardous vegetation. Let us talk to you about the services that we can provide to you, to make sure that you are able to avoid the wrath of the LA fire service.

Working with The Fire Code For Tree Brush Removal Service

Under the terms of the LA fire code, residents who live in an area which has been designated as a Very High Fire Hazard zone need to keep their property maintained all year round. This means that any shrubs, grass, trees and other dangerous vegetation that is within 200 feet of buildings and structures needs to be removed asap. The vegetation also cannot be 10 feet or less from any fence or driveway which is for vehicles. All your native brush plants need to be three inches or less, grass needs to be three inches, and shrubs at a minimum of 18 feet from each other must be trimmed to a third of their height. Dead materials, and low-hanging branches which might spread fire, must be removed. You must also trim trees upwards so that there is no foliage within 10 feet of flammable or combustible items.

Tree Brush Removal Service

Removing Other Vegetation

Clearing your yard of shrubs and weeds, as well as trimming all your plants, may mean that you need to have some help in getting rid of the remnants of the treatment. This would include anything like leaves, twigs and dried needles from your plants. These must be removed from roof surfaces as well as from your landscape, so it is especially important that you try to remember this when you are having your landscape worked upon by our teams. We need to help you remove all the vegetation, and make sure that everything complies with the law, so you can get the tree shrub removal services that you are looking for. Simply reach out to us today.

Let Us Help You Clear Shrub

In an area with a lot of natural plants, it can be hard to keep control of it all. You can find out today how we can help you to clear away dry vegetation and shrub from your property when you call Your Way Tree Services today. We can assist you with getting rid of vegetation which does not comply with the Fire Code, so simply reach out to us now. You can talk to our teams about your clearing needs when you contact us through our online form, or call (818) 888-9248 now.