Call Tree Service in Valley Village If Tree Suffered Lightning Damage

Lightning can strike any tree and it can pose a threat to your treasured plant. When your tree has been struck by lightning and it endured damage, call tree service in Valley Village

Why? In some cases, lightning can cause slight damage to a tree. However, if it is left untreated it could cause dead branches. Eventually, it will die. 

tree service in Valley Village

When Lightning Strikes 

You should immediately remove any hanging or broken branches after lightning struck the tree. Call our certified arborist to do this job for you. It is especially true if it involves large branches. 

It is best to call a tree service to inspect the severity of lightning damage. A tree that has been struck by lightning may suffer from damage but it is difficult to say if it can bounce back. That’s why our certified arborists will inspect the entire tree and check its health. 

The lightning damage can be subtle at first. You cannot notice it as it is inside a tree. It can target under the bark. In that case, the tree will look normal for weeks. After that, it will show some signs. Some trees, however, will die shortly. 

But there are cases where lightning can cause outer damage. Hence, you will see cracks, chunks or barks that have been stripped off the tree.

However, it is vital to remember that when it is struck by lightning, the tree will not necessarily die. It can overcome the damage if it is healthy. 

This is where maintaining your tree is important. One of the ways to maintain a tree is to prune it regularly. It allows trees to grow well and maintains its aesthetics. It also protects its integrity. However, pruning must only be done by a professional. 

Keep in mind that improper trimming can cause lasting damage. In some cases, it can affect the tree’s life. 

Pruning helps in eliminating dead branches. This is necessary as dead brunches can affect healthy branches. If not removed, they can cause your tree to be sickly as they restrict the tree’s ability to get adequate nutrition from the healthy branches. 

By professional trimming the branches, the tree can have the right amount of sun exposure. It also promotes proper air circulation throughout the tree. 

Furthermore, when these dead branches are not trimmed correctly, they can easily fall over a year.  They can be hazardous as they can start a fire. 

All of these disheartening situations can be easily avoided when you perform regular upkeep.

Choose to trim your trees by a professional arborist. Our tree service in Valley Village guarantees that your trees will be pruned properly to have a longer, healthier life. We can protect your property and prevent any threats that can damage your trees. 

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