All Kinds of Tree Service in Valley Village

When people hear that we offer “tree service in Valley Village,” they tend to think first of trimming and removal. That makes sense since those are two services that we absolutely provide. However, there’s far more to tree services than just trimming the trees or removing them. We can help your trees as well as your property in a variety of ways. Many of our services are focused on making sure that your trees are as safe and healthy as possible. 

tree service in Valley Village

Infestation Control 

As of this writing, the pandemic continues. This means that everyone is doing what they can, whether it’s through wearing masks, social distancing and the like to ensure their health. Your trees can get sick, too. Here at Your Way Tree Service, we can spray or inject your trees to keep them free from infestation. You might think of it as the arborist equivalent of putting a mask on or social distancing. The truth is that if your trees do get infested, they could get sick or even die. So, by bringing our infestation control in, you’re protecting your trees as well as your investment. We can even examine your trees to see if the problem is an infestation, a potential infestation, or something else. 

Crown and Height Reduction 

Trees grow. When they’re healthy, when they’re doing well, they grow. Unfortunately, trees don’t know to avoid power lines, buildings, other trees, and the like. You can’t really explain to the tree “hey, the way you’re growing, it’s really throwing off our aesthetic.” Here, we can help. With our crown reduction and crown thinning services, we can make sure that your trees go only where they’re supposed to. Through this, your trees will be more attractive all while staying healthy too. 

Fertilization and Soil Management 

“Keeping trees healthy” isn’t just about the trees themselves. To really ensure their growth, you have to take care of the soil and fertilization as well. The truth is that when you have the right fertilizer and the soil is managed the proper way, then your trees, shrubs, plants, and anything else you grow will be that much more vital, that much healthier. This is especially true here in Southern California. Unfortunately, our environment can be vulnerable to droughts. When that happens, it can take a real toll on your trees. Our soil management and fertilization services can help to make your plants more capable of resisting the damage of a drought.

More Kinds of Tree Service in Valley Village 

The truth is that the above are just a few of the services that we offer. There are plenty of others. Basically, if you have any kind of issue or concern about your trees, we’ll be more than glad to sit down with you and figure out exactly what the problem is as well as how we can help. You can find an entire list of our services at our site. For a free estimate, call us at (818) 888-9248.