Lawn aeration has plenty of benefits. It’s a maintenance procedure that makes oxygen available to the soil under the surface of your property or a lawn.

Your Way Tree Service accomplishes this procedure through our powered machines.

The Importance of Aerating Your Property or Lawn

Trees and grasses require light, water and oxygen, just like humans. They also require proper nutrition from the soil to grow healthy.

Aeration can also manage thatch. It may not correct severe forms of thatch problems but it does prevent from worsening.

This maintenance procedure will also improve air, water and nutrient penetration into the soil. It also stimulates the growth of your plants.

Proper Timing

At Your Way Tree Service, we perform aeration at the right time. We believe that the success of this procedure will depend on timing. The proper time will vary from one place to another depending on the climate and your geographical location.

Fall is the preferred time to aerate lawns. It can also be done in late fall. At this time, the recovery of plants before dormancy is completed.

Spring aeration may be conducted. We don’t recommend performing it during summer season when the heat of the sun is extreme. We also discourage doing it during winter dormancy.

Aeration during the summer months may be performed only after the spring and before fall.

What Equipment We Use?

We’ve invested highly on aeration equipment that can completely perform the task in the shortest time possible while protecting your plants.

The cost of our aeration service will depend on the size of your property that we’re going to cover. Please give us a call for an estimate.

You may consider aerating your lawn on your own. You can rent a lawn aerator from a rental shop that would cost you around $80 a day.

But completely aerating your property all by yourself can’t be done in one day. If you have 5,000-square-foot lawn and you rent, say, $80 for an aerator a day, you might end up spending more.

This is why our clients prefer our service to do the job for them.

Our aeration service is performed by our highly experienced professionals. With our advanced equipment, aeration can be completed in less than a day.

We don’t recommend removing the plugs on your property after aeration. Instead, we leave them to be dissolved naturally to help the thatch layer in breaking down.

For more questions about our aeration service, please contact us here: 818-882-2335