A Comprehensive Tree Trimming Service: More than Just Trimming

When folks hear that we’re atree trimmingservice, they’re likely to understand that we can cut and trim their trees to look how they want. However, we can do so much more than that too. While we can make the trees look utterly fantastic on both your residential as well as commercial property, that’s far from all that we offer. Over the last two decades, we’ve developed so many services that can now take care of all of your tree maintenance needs. 

A Tree Trimming Maintenance Service 

Often, folks will call us when something goes seriously wrong with their trees. However, our Standard Maintenance services can help you keep something seriously wrong from occurring. Instead of waiting for the worst to occur, we can look at your trees ahead of time, potentially stopping serious problems from becoming catastrophes. This can not only make sure that your trees are safer for those that pass by them, but also more aesthetically pleasing as well. 

The Benefits of Maintenance 

One of the most common services we provide during Standard Maintenance is removing weak branches. Yes, that makes certain that they won’t snap off and fall on someone or something below, but there are additional health benefits to this. Dead branches are naturally attractive to bugs, germs, and plenty of other microscopic parasites you don’t want anywhere near your residential or commercial property. By getting rid of these dead branches, we can help to keep these pests away. 

a tree trimming

Emergency Services 

Falling trees cause problems every day. They can fall on properties, people, causing damage, injuries, and worse. When the unexpected happens, we can be there to help as quickly as possible. Should some kind of tree fall on your home or commercial property, the temptation to try to remove it yourself might be strong. However, that can make a bad situation that much more dangerous. That’s to say nothing of the potential damage that improper removal of the tree can do to the structure itself. Our professionals can arrive post-haste to remove any fallen trees in as safe and efficient a manner as possible. 

Keeping Your Trees Healthy 

If you’re like so many of us, every day you wake up and take some kind of medicine. Perhaps it’s something for a specific health condition, or maybe you just take vitamins to make sure that you’re in good shape for the day ahead. Trees could use the same services. We can spray or inject your trees with proven, safe methods that can keep them from developing health problems. Whereas you might get sick or weak, without proper medical care, trees could fall ill to fungal infection, insect infestation, and plenty of other diseases. Healthy trees look better and we can help to make that possible. 

More Services than Just These 

In this blog, we’ve showcased many of our services, but there are plenty of others that we just didn’t have room to touch on. If you could use some help with any tree-related problem, message us through our site or call us at (818) 888-9248.