100% Green Waste Recycling at Your Way Tree Service

Your Way Tree Service is an advocate of proper recycling. With our 100% green waste recycling service, we make sure that when we remove the trees from your property, we’ll recycle all of the green waste.

From leaf to trunk, we’ll process them into 100% organic mulch. We’ll also use them as firewood.

Sadly, not all tree cutting companies in the US are practicing 100% green waste recycling. But did you know that recycling can prevent 23% of waste from going to landfills?

green waste recycling

For 20 years, we continue to operate because we respect the natural environment. We know our duty to our clients and the community. With our 100% green waste recycling program, we know that we’re contributing to minimizing the waste that we create on the world.

By hiring us to cut trees or downed trees, you can be sure that the waste will be moving to a facility so they won’t go to waste. They will be moved and processed to keep someone warm in the winter.

The waste can also be used to add beauty to a certain landscaping masterpiece. We process woods and green waste for the Greater Los Angeles Area.

We also work with builders, communities and businesses in this Area to help them efficiently and effectively remove their green waste and recycle them.

We discourage our clients to burn trees and other green waste from the clearing site. This type of waste elimination won’t only hurt the environment but it’ll also destroy the materials that can be used to fertilize local soil.

As we remove the trees from your property, we utilize cranes as possible. This will make sure that these trees will be reused. We recycle 100% of the logs and trimmings we’ve gathered from our clients’ properties and transfer them to our green waste recycle yard.

We Aim to Reduce Greenhouse Gases

As part of our advocacy in reducing greenhouse gases, we save logs and tree trimmings from anaerobic decay. As a result, we can help in reducing the production of harmful greenhouse gases.

If all of us will recycle our green waste, we can improve the life of our landfill. This will also reduce trash dumping fees, as well as decrease taxes.

Give us a call today to know more about our 100% green waste recycling program. If you need assistance in removing downed trees or pruning trees, don’t hesitate to call us at: 818-882-2335 or use our contact page.