Tree Trimming in Calabasas

Why Do You Need to Trim Trees?

Tree trimming in Calabasas has become a necessary service for many property owners. Trees are important in cooling down your house during summer. Unfortunately, trees branches can pose some risks. It’s especially true if there are low-hanging branches stuck in the crown of the tree. You may neglect it for now. But the reality is that regular tree trimming can be an investment in your health and your property.

The Reasons You Need Tree Trimming in Calabasas

Trees can add value and beauty to your property. But you need to maintain them so they can continue providing you with those benefits. If you want to skip regular tree trimming this month, consider these reasons to prune your trees.

Maintain Appearance

If you don’t regularly trim your trees, they look unbalanced. Their branches may grow in different, strange directions. They can look bedraggled. Consider tree trimming as getting a haircut. Cutting your hair is necessary to enhance your appearance. It’s also the same with your trees. The service enhances the tree’s natural shape. According to Forestry and Natural Resources, “Typically, people prune to improve the appearance of the tree by reducing the length of fast-growing stems or unwanted growth.”

Tree Trimming in Calabasas

Ensure the Health of the Tree

Tree aesthetics isn’t the only reason to trim your trees. Overgrowth can negatively affect the overall health of a tree. If you don’t trim the branches, they can cause the tree to become weaker. If left untrimmed, they are less likely to survive. Trimming for tree health is known as pruning. This process involves removing diseased branches. It’s necessary to prevent infected branches from affecting the healthy growth of the tree.

Safety of the Property

Trees with infested branches can pose a huge risk to people and surrounding vegetation. During a heavy wind, for instance, the limbs can fall easily. They can damage your property or your neighbor’s. If they fall onto someone, the person could be badly injured. Those hazardous branches must be removed by regular trimming.

Maintain Clearance from Buildings

If the trees are planted too close to buildings, they need regular pruning to maintain proper clearance from buildings. Courtyards, overhead lights, and other structures need special clearance pruning to ensure the space required to prevent maintenance problems.

Growing branches may obstruct views. Then, those low-hanging branches can pose risks to people. By regularly trimming the trees, you’re regaining the wanted vista blocked by tree branches.

Thinning or Removing Branches

There are various ways to trim the tree. Arborists may simply thin a tree out or prune off low branches. The type of trimming will depend on your tree’s situation. At Your Way Tree Service, we have our team of certified arborists look into the trees in your property and determine the right tree trimming service they need. Our arborists also use the right pruning methods and equipment to ensure we meet your objectives. Call us today to know more about the tree trimming service in Calabasas: (818) 882-2335.