Tree Removal in Hollywood

Safe, Efficient, and Comprehensive Tree Removal in Hollywood

Is there a tree on your property that used to look great but now looks unseemly or worse? Is there a stump on your property that you’re always worried that you or someone you care about is going to trip over it? We always, always strongly recommend that you reach out to us before trying to remove a tree or even a stump on your own. Our tree removal in Hollywood and the surrounding area can do so quickly, safely, and completely.

Tree Removal in Hollywood and LA: A Job for the Pros

Tasks such as removing a tree and/or stump require, as you might imagine, heavy-duty machinery. These machines can be bulky and cumbersome at best, requiring constant, specialized maintenance. Moreover, this equipment can only be safely operated by trained, experienced professionals. If you try to remove your tree on your own, you won’t have that equipment nor will you have that experience. You’re almost invariably better off consulting with a professional for the best in tree removal.

Tree Removal in Hollywood

Removing a Tree Stump

“Why would I want stump grinding? I want to leave an exposed stump after I had my tree removed.” We’ve heard some version of that many times and it makes sense. Many of these trees have lasted for decades (if not longer) and it can feel like having a stump is the right way to do that. By that same token, however, it can be incredibly easy for you or someone you care about to trip over a tree stump, particularly at night. Beyond that, however, an exposed stump can invite pests such as termites, beetles, and ants as well as “root rot,” (the latter can be as foul-smelling as anything).

Stump Grinding Services: A Service that Keeps Giving

At Your Way Tree Service, we take great pride in being a company that does 100% green waste recycling. Indeed, so much of tree service is about a kind of “recycling,” getting as much out of your efforts as possible. One place where that’s readily apparent with our company: stump grinding. Here, we’ll push its parts through one of our high-grade grinders. Then, that stump grinder breaks the stump down into tiny, small chips. Those can be mixed with soil, too. Don’t let your stump hold back how the rest of your property looks.

Services that Can Help

So often, someone needs tree removal and subsequent stump removal because something happened to their tree. There’s no perfect, 100% always effective way to protect your trees’ health. One of the best ways to do so: is our standard maintenance. That way, a certified arborist from our company can come out to your property, look at your trees, and then tell you exactly what has to be done. We also offer our clients “standard maintenance,” so that we can diagnose and head off potential problems before they damage your tree. To schedule a free consultation with us, you can do so through our site. Or you can call (818) 882-2335.