Tree Removal Calabasas

Is It Necessary to Remove Dead Trees from Your Property?

Many residential properties in Calabasas have trees. They provide several benefits to the houses. However, if there are dead trees around your home, you need to get rid of them as they come with many risks. Opt for tree removal in Calabasas to maintain the health and safety of your trees.

Tree Removal in Calabasas: The Risks of Having Dead Trees in Your Property

Trees are beneficial. But if they are dead, they can pose serious risks to you, your property, and your neighbor. That’s why it’s not worth the risk to allow the dead tree to remain standing.

Attract Pests

Invasive species can feed on a dead tree. And these invasive species can spread to other trees on your property. Unfortunately, small animals are attracted to dead trees. Some pests also take refuge in the trunks and limbs of the dead trees. Then, they migrate to other healthy trees, thereby, transmitting the infection. By removing the dead trees, you’re also getting rid of the possible pests infestation.

Tree Removal Calabasas

Spread Disease to Other Trees

Trees are prone to diseases that can lead to their death. If the tree is infected and dies, its infection is likely passed to other trees or vegetation. That’s why you must know how to spot the sins of tree diseases as early as possible. Hiring certified arborists to maintain your trees can reduce the risk of losing them. If you don’t treat the disease, the fungus or mildew that infected the trees can become airborne, causing it to become infectious. Hence, if you remove the affected tree from your property, you’re saving the entire landscape.

Lower Property Value

Dead trees can affect the curb appeal of your home. If you’re planning to sell your property, the dead trees standing in your property won’t do you any favor. They are an eyesore and can lower the property’s value. Perhaps, you have grown an attachment to those trees because your late grandparents planted them. But if they are past saving, it’s best to just let them go and have a professional eliminate them. Pretty sure, wherever your grandparents are, they don’t want the trees to remain standing while your property’s value decreases.

Damage to Your Property or a Neighbor

A dead tree can have dead branches that can just fall off at any time. What if they fall on your neighbor’s property and cause damage? You’re liable for the damages and you’re required to pay for the repair costs. What’s worse if the dead branches would cause injury to someone. That’s why you must have a dead tree removed from your property for your safety and your neighbor’s.

Use a Tree Removal Service

Your Way Tree Service has been providing tree care for years now. Our goal is to ensure that your property will thrive for many years or decades to come. And if you need professional tree removal in Calabasas, we offer it, too. Simply call us here for a free estimate (818) 882-2335