Tree Service in Malibu

A Tree Service in Malibu That Rises Above the Rest

Have you been looking for tree service in Malibu and the surrounding area but nothing quite measures up? Do your trees need something to make them look as great as they once did? Here at Your Way Tree Service, we’ve been providing a wide variety of services for more than a decade. In that time, we’ve helped homeowners as well as commercial property owners to make sure their trees were healthy, safe, and looked fantastic.

Tree Service in Malibu for the Safety and Appearance of Your Tree

When we say “tree service,” that can encompass many different services. For one, we offer pruning services. That means that we cut away and otherwise remove branches that are unnecessary and occasionally even roots. While this may sound like it harms the tree, the truth is that it actually makes the tree healthier and safer, as some branches may be dead and have to be cut away, or they could grow in the wrong/incorrect direction. Pruning helps to keep your tree growing and living safely.

Tree Service in Malibu

Protecting Your Trees’ Health

When it comes to your trees, they need to be able to admit light as well as air through their canopy or crown. Here at Your Way Tree Service, we offer lacing services, too. This is a form of pruning, specifically, it prunes the trees in such a way so that light and air can get through there easily, thus making the tree that much healthier. We also offer “dead wooding” as well, which is what it sounds like: removing dead wood from the tree for both its safety as well as you and yours.

Safe From External Threats

When most people think of trees, they tend to think of something strong, something impregnable. While trees can be sturdy, often, they can also be vulnerable as well. Specifically, they can be vulnerable to any number of pests and other threats. So, we offer tree injections as well as tree pest control services. That way, you don’t have to worry about your trees being overrun and ultimately ruined by external forces. If you don’t know which of these services are right for you, that’s OK. We offer tree structure evaluations so that we can figure out exactly what is going on and how we can help.

Tree Service in Malibu for Every Stage

No matter where you are in terms of tree ownership, we can assist. For example, we offer top-quality tree removal services. We can remove your trees safely, efficiently, and completely. Moreover, we clean away any debris, branches, and more, so that your property looks how you want after we’re gone. That said, we can also help with tree planting, too. That way, you can make sure that your trees are well taken care of from the very beginning. For a free estimate, head to our site. To talk to one of our professionals, call (818) 882-2335.